Consulting & Coaching

Experience Breakthroughs

Coaching around your story is a game-changer, but achieving success takes hard work.

Sometimes, despite your experience, you may find yourself stuck in old ways, leading to diminishing returns. What you need is a fresh perspective.

Our professional consultants and coaches bring new energy, strategies, and ideas for impressive growth and impact.

Unlock the potential for incredible sales, influence, and opportunities. Even you can break free from "survival mode" and embrace a life filled with clarity, intention, purpose, passion, and joy.

Discover the breakthrough you need with our programs!

Organizational and Leadership Coaching

If you’re

one of these, we’d love to partner with you:

Business Owner

Whether with 3 or 300 team members, you started the business but still aim for more growth opportunities. Competent, yet the business relies on you.


Doctors, Dentists, CFPs, Speakers, Counselors, Therapists, Architects, Attorneys, etc.


Life is tough. Our Life Purpose coaching aids with career planning, parenting, and life transitions, correcting off-track or unhelpful self-narratives.

Non-Profit Ministry
to Integrity

Passionate about serving and improving the world. Balancing donor engagement and fulfilling your calling becomes challenging.

Publishing Coaching

You have a strong message and are ready to put in the effort, but book publishing and marketing differ from your expertise.

You desire top quality without paying a publisher. Self-publishers lack guidance and strategy for editing, design, packaging, and marketing, resulting in low sales for most self-published books.

Let HigherLife coach you through the process for 30 days or 12 months.

We'll guide you step-by-step, from clarifying your target audience to marketing strategies.

Avoid common mistakes with our experienced coaching and succeed as an author today!

  • Identify target audience and value proposition
  • Select a suitable title, subtitle, and copy platform
  • Efficiently write your manuscript
  • Establish budget, timeline, and vendors
  • Design exceptional cover and interior
  • Address various levels of editing
  • Prepare for print, ebook, and audiobook formats
  • Set up a distribution system
  • Plan pre-launch and post-launch marketing
  • Implement follow-up and upsell strategy

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