Transforming Lives

through Impactful Publishing


In today's world, standing out and reaching a wider audience can be challenging.

That’s where HigherLife comes in. We make a huge difference, one story at a time, by ensuring your positive message receives the attention it deserves from your desired audience.

Gone are the days when simply listing your book on Amazon was enough.

Our goal to guide you through the publishing process, and help you avoid the common publishing pitfalls that cause so many authors to be disappointed.

Publishing today is changing – fast! We are committed to partnering with you and finding the publishing approach that best suits your needs based on our track record of satisfied authors who recommend us repeatedly.

#1 Story Marketing Strategy to Captivate Your Audience

Whether you're a speaker, trainer, pastor, counselor, coach, or have a passionate message to share with the world, this 6-12 month engagement is for you.

#2 Collaborative Publishing –

For many authors the ideal way to convey
your message

For individuals and organizations who want a first-class publishing product and experience, who don’t have the patience or desire to settle for self-publishing solutions that seldom provide the
best results. Whether you don’t want to purchase any books or need thousands, each of our publishing plans are customized – tailored to meet your specific goals.

#3 Marketing Services

Maybe you’ve already published your book but its not selling – you need help getting the word out about your message. Maybe your current marketing strategies are just not working. Here is a way to enjoy the benefit of high-powered marketing strategies without having to hire that talent.

With a team with deep roots in the publishing industry

HigherLife always provides full service and creative collaboration. We help authors feel empowered and supported at every step of the process. We love to help our authors experience the thrill of making a difference.


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