Leverage the power of your story 

Connect with your audience and get results!

In today's media-saturated marketplace, traditional forms of advertising simply don't work like they used to.

To connect with your audience you need to offer value - give them something to capture their attention and earn their trust.
This is the central philosophy behind our Story Marketing Strategy - Content Marketing Campaign.
This is a 12-month engagement that will deliver results to a speaker, trainer, pastor, counselor or coach.  If you offer a professional service or have a message you are passionate about sharing and want to declare it to the world, then Story Marketing is for you. 


We will work with you to implement a 4-step proven strategy...




HigherLife helps unearth the captivating aspects of your story. With a belief in the worthiness of every story, our dedicated team works with you to discover engaging and unique elements of your identity and offerings.


Uncover Your Story's Appeal

Authenticity is crucial today. We collaborate with your team to ensure a cohesive narrative across touchpoints. Every aspect reflects your authentic story, from website design to phone interactions and print ads.


Foster Authentic Connections

Once your story is in sync, we share it with the world. Through radio interviews, books, publicity, resources, and captivating videos, we leverage diverse mediums to communicate your story effectively.

3. TELL:

Share Your Story

Generating revenue is the ultimate goal. At HigherLife, we understand this. Whether attracting donors, acquiring clients, or boosting product sales, our laser-focused efforts aim for tangible financial growth.

4. SELL:

Drive Revenue


How do I know if the Story Marketing Strategy – Content Marketing Campaign is right for me?


Well there’s just a few questions you should ask yourself:

  1. Do you have an audience you can sell or distribute copies to without much trouble?
  2. Are you looking at publishing as an investment into your brand or company?
  3. Do you want the strength and experience of a full service publisher rather than going it alone?
  4. Do you want to know your book will have the potential for worldwide distribution?
  5. Do you want to market your brand in a unique and compelling way?


If so, then HigherLife’s Story Marketing Plan is perfect for you.



What do I get with Story Marketing Strategy?


1) Establish Your Brand Identity – your story – Our team will meet with you to determine your core competency, the central value proposition – the benefit you offer your customers and what makes you different from your competition.

2) Ghostwrite Your Story – we will provide a professional writer to capture in manuscript form the insights and testimonials that make you stand out.

3) Publish Your Story – we will turn the manuscript into a full-length book that can be sold nationwide and used in expanding your impact and influence in the marketplace.

4) Market Your Story – Once the book is done, our team will craft a six-month book launch program designed to generate new leads for your organization

5) Create a Compelling Sales Funnel – we will write the series of follow-up emails and video presentations designed to turn leads into clients!

The Three Phases of Story Marketing Strategy

Phase 1 – 3 months


· We meet with you to capture the essence of your unique story.

· We interview key leadership to learn more about the history and culture of the organization, strengths and most compelling characteristics.

· We will utilize aspects of our “Creating a Contagious Brand” strategy engagement.

· We create for you a compelling book outline, title, subtitle and direction for your message, your story.

· We evaluate how well all your audience touchpoints (website, flyers, advertising, logo, etc.) align with your brand.

· A professional writer will interview you to create content for a marketable book manuscript, articles, blogs and other means of sharing your story with your target audience


Phase 2 – 6 months


· Our team will artfully turn your manuscript into a published book.

· We will meet with you to craft a customized pre-publication marketing/launch strategy.

· We will develop blogs and other means of sharing your story with your target audience

· We will provide scripting and direction to create short video clips that will be used in conjunction with presentations, digital and social media in telling your story.


Phase 3 – 3 months

· We will get your book distributed to bookstores, wholesalers and libraries

· We will oversee implementation of your direct-to-audience distribution and sales strategies for the book including agreed upon levels of publicity and social media.

· We will create article excerpts, eblasts, press releases, video promotions, Amazon advertising, book reviews, banner ads and other collateral material as part of the execution of your contagious brand development and story marketing strategies.



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